Sunday, November 4, 1973

About Me / Contact

My name is Dan though on the Internet I go by the nickname Slats. I work as a Network Engineer and when not spending time with my family or working I like to play World Of Warcraft. Specifically I like to multibox which is the process of playing more than 1 character at the same time.

I used to be very interested in Players-vs-Player but since getting engaged and starting a family I've found I enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere of Player-vs-Environment and also making large amounts of gold and enjoying the ebb and flow of the Auction House.

I currently play a Protection Paladin as my main and 4 Elemental Shaman as my harem of followers.

You may contact me via e-mail at:
sixteentotems at gmail dot com

Or PM me on the forums. My username there is Slats.