Sunday, November 4, 1973


I play on Caelestrasz which is an US (Oceanic) PvE Server.

Primary Team:

Slatters - Protection Paladin
Slatsa - Resto Shaman
Slatsb - Elemental Shaman
Satsc - Elemental Shaman
Slatsd - Elemental Shaman

Alternate Team:

Slatsdk - Blood Deathknight
Slatspriest - Holy Priest
Slatsdruid - Boomkin
Slatsmage - Arcane Mage
Slatslock - Destruction Warlock

If your looking for fellow Multiboxers to play with and are in the Oceanic Region feel free to come check out Cael. There are several boxers who are quite active. We use the chat channel caelmb to communicate and have a vent server also.