Monday, October 26, 2009

Changing from Keyclone to Innerspace

So after 3 missed Wintergrasps due to Keyclone simple forgetting to pass keys to my slaves I was fed up. I've loved this software for a long time - but for one reason or the other I need more out of it now. I find the PiP sluggish, its bugging out on me alot more than it ever did and it feels like updates are months and months apart.

After seeing people rave about Innerspace on the forums I decided to look into it again. I had already had a play previously but back then it was quite difficult to setup although very powerful.

I now have multiple teams setup that I can select with ease. It does everything KC did and much more. My PiP swapping is instant, setting up macros for new spells or ideas I have is incredible easy thanks to the in-game addon that pushes macros out to your characters. The GUI interface was very confusing at first but after a lot of playing I feel that I have gotten the hang of it and implementing or fixing issues I had took less and less time.

I've moved away from focus target and switched to a FTL setup. I have to say its incredible. I can play any of my characters solo or in a team. I can slot in and out different team members and my macros all build correctly and cope.

I have also built up a 'general' group of macros and binds that any team can use. Class Specific or Role Specific macros I've put into another group. This means I can say build a new team of 5 warlocks and my group setup, my big button macro, spread out, follow, assist and dps macros all work from the get go - no other setup required except for Jamba. :)

So to put my new solution to use after a day of fiddling and experimenting I decided to run Normal ToC. I've had little success with this before and this time I destroyed it. I still lost a few shamans, my DPS is simple not high enough and I'm not really stopping to heal much at all so I'm attempting to brute force my way through with 4 DPS and a tank - and its working well enough.

I'm now farming ToC reguarly for Abyss Crystals to build up a supply of enchanting materials and hoping to get a few nice upgrades in terms of PvE gear on my Shaman.