Friday, December 4, 2009

3.3 Next Week? Here is hoping!

So all the various data mining and news sites for WoW are reporting that 3.3 is most likely next week. With no maint. window this week and the Release Build being pushed to the PTR from all the other major content patches I've experienced I'd say we are very likely.

This means a few great things for my Paladin and Shaman. Divine Guardian is changing so that with the right talents will now reduce all damage my party takes by 20% for 6 seconds as well as redirected all damage up to a total of 40% x 5 (or number of party members.)

Fire Elemental has also had its CD lowered to 10 minutes. Last I checked the PTR Glyphed this is down ot 5 minutes! Amazing for WG and Battlegrounds especially x 4. To add to the AoE explosions Fire Nova Totem has been removed and replaced with a spell called Fire Nova. This allows you to aoe out of any fire totem you have down. So technically you can cast Fire Elemental and then every 10, 6 or 3 seconds (depending on Talents and Glyphs) cast Fire Nova.

This will be amazing for AoEing down heroics and just random mobs. It also means if my Shamans pull some aggro I can reduce the damage they are taking also.

Not to mention 3 new 5 man dungeons, Ice Crown Raid, and all heroics dropping Triumph Badges.

Oh and not to mention a Guild Bank full of materials to make some serious cash the first few weeks of launch. :D

Time to farm a bunch more Abyss Crystals and stock up on Dream Shards. :)