Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Refer-A-Friend - or refer yourself

So things have changed a bit on the account front since I last multiboxed. And things have only gotten easier! For signing in I can link all my accounts with my e-mail address on battle.net and I can now use the refer-a-friend feature to give my 4 lowbies 300% xp bonus!

So I logged into my account and referred myself. I made a new account and thanks to being a customer on Shattered Crystal getting 4 new account codes and 4 new bc codes was almost instant. Sadly as now I am alliance if I want to level up shaman I will need TBC on these accounts as well.

So Main refers A refers B refers C refers D. With all my accounts upgraded and ready to go I just need to setup my WoW installation as well as my macros and keyclone.

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