Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Tis the Busy Season

Sorry for the lack of updates on my adventures. I've recently expanded my team a little by having the option of swapping my Warlock or Druid into the 4th and 5th slot replacing Slatzc or Slatzd if I choose too. This has been great for generating extra Emblems of Frost which I'm using to deck out my tank in the new crafted gear which is VERY expensive.

Absolutely loving Patch 3.3. The new random dungeon system is incredible. I had a few interesting bugs the first few days where I had dungeons with 1 or 3 bosses out of 5 availible but I've geared up quite a bit on my Shamans and I probably have another 70 or so badges before I'm done with Triumph PvE gear.

After reading alot of Team Skekraft's blog and decided I loved the idea of multiple Retribution Paladins. I already have a large amount of weapons and armour on my main Slatters but I really never play Retribution. I've always loved tanking and thats how I gear him. With my shamans getting very close to being as geared as they can from badges I think I will be focusing on collecting up some BoA Gear and making myself a DK + 4 Ret Team. If I decide I find 5 Paladins easier to play dropping in my main will be quite easy thanks to ISBoxer.

I've decided I'm not going to use RAF I'm simple going to stick to BoA Items. Using the DK for PvE/PvP might work out very well or it might just end up being too complex as I've never really done melee classes. At either rate I have another month or so before I get back to work so have plenty of time to experiment.

My new routine in WoW (and to-do list) should look something like this:

1x Prot Pally/4x Shamans. Do one Random Dungeon for Frost Badges.
1x Prot Pally/2x Shaman, Warlock Druid: Do one random dungeon for frost badges.
JC/Mining x 2/Alchemy/Tailor x2/Inscription - do daily/weekly x-mutes if can be bothered.
Do weekly Wintergrasp Quests on Paladin/Shaman. I love Wintergrasp!
Do weekly Karazhan Speed Clear for Mount if I can be bothered.

Focus on levelling my Ret / DK Team. Take it nice and slow and enjoy the levelling process before it all changes in Cataclysm.

This should give me plenty of options for things to do and maybe a new focus in Cataclysm. I know that my 'main' will never change - he simple has too much time/blood/sweat/tears invested into him.

So Slatsdk/Slatspa/Slatspb/Slatspc/Slatspd are born. Horrible names. Perhaps I should rethink a new naming convention?

A safe and merry Christmas to everyone.

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